Mayuri Veena, India

The S. M. Tagore Centre for Documentation and Research of Languishing & Obsolescent Musical Instruments [SMTC-DRLOMI] is working on elaborate documentation of the languishing and obsolescent instruments of India, Asian Countries and the rest of the world. The area of instrument encompasses the languishing and obsolescent instruments from all genres be it from the Art Music, Religious Music, Folk Music, Tribal Music or any other music form. This also includes the traditional musical toys. The center is also working on remaking the musical instruments those are no more existent today but on which textual, sculptural or pictorial references are still available.   SMTC-DRLOMI is working on setting up the display of information through three different modes. The collected musical instruments will be displayed in a common and interactive museum formats. The ‘Interactive Museum’ will display the instruments those are still in playable conditions. The musician-visitors may try these instruments and play small concerts in the gallery.

All the musical instruments will be on display on the Internet as ‘Virtual Museum’.  The collection of this museum is growing with the contributions from the scholars from different parts of the world. SMTC-DRLOMI will open the Virtual Museum for public immediately after the collection reaches a specific number.

This is a Rabindra Bharati University [Kolkata] initiative